The Performance of Medicine

Medical Practice is undergoing the most radical changes seen in decades. Novel reimbursement models and increasing demands on physician’s limited time are causing unhappiness among practitioners and patients alike. Yet, the patient experience affects patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction scores will have an impact on how much physicians and other health care providers are paid. Thus is the foundation for Dr Bob Baker’s book ‘The Performance of Medicine’, in which he offers practical strategies and techniques that physicians and other practitioners can employ to control the one thing they can directly impact – the patient encounter.

In this episode of Inside The Doctor’s Lounge, the team welcomes Dr. Bob Baker, an internist/gastroenterologist with a driving passion to help doctors rediscover the love of practicing medicine while boosting patient ratings and physician compensation. In private practice for 35 years, Dr. Bob is proud to have received Press Ganey scores in the 99th percentile from his patients. He has a deep understanding of the challenges physicians face today and how to overcome them to create win-win results for physicians and patients alike. Grab a cup of coffee and join the conversation, as the group discusses in more detail how to give a “good performance” and how successful businesses use the “performance” model to give great customer service. Oh, and Dr Bob introduces us to some very special friends he’s brought along to help deliver the message. It’s an entertaining time, to be sure!

Dr Bob Baker’s website

Dr Bob Baker’s ‘Rx For Success’ podcast episode

The Performance of Medicine

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