The Evolution of Nursing

Challenging social norms and justifying the value of education, Florence Nightengale is credited with what we today know as modern nursing. However, nursing is as old as mankind since people have always needed nursing when they fall ill or become wounded. And as we discuss in this episode, nursing has undergone many transitions since Florence’s days, with the demands of research and technology advancements requiring much, much more from today’s nursing professional.

Joining the conversation in the lounge is Jerry Mansfield, PhD, RN, a distiguished nursing leader currently providing oversight as the Chief Nursing Officer for the Mount Carmel Health System and Associate Dean for the Mount Carmel College of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio. A structure, process, and outcomes champion, Jerry has a reputation for building interprofessional teams and inspiring change in difficult circumstances. Jerry received his Diploma in Nursing from Saint Vincent Hospital School of Nursing, a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Xavier University, a master’s degree in nursing administration and a PhD in public health from The Ohio State University.

With great respect and gratitude for nursing, the ITDL team discusses the evolution of the nursing profession with one of the best. Grab a cup of coffee and join us for another insightful conversation Inside The Doctor’s Lounge!

Jerry Mansfield’s Rx For Success podcast episode

The Evolution of Nursing

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