Physicians & Administrators: The Struggle Is Real

It’s an age-old story, the stuggle between physicians and hospital administrators. Typically appearing as a lack of understanding, lack of cooperation, lack of engagement, anger, frustration, and disrespectful behavior, this gap is a source of underlying tension in many health care organizations. Negative stereotypes often fuel the divide with administrators seeing physicians as having no understanding or interest in resource management or proper organizational behavior and the physician viewing the administrator as a heartless bean counter whose sole concern is only for a healthy bottom line. All the while, the real antagonist, our dysfunctional health care system, continues to wreak havoc with more and more federal directives affecting care delivery.

So what can be done to bridge the gap? Is there a playbook to help remove the struggle and instill harmony in this turbulent relationship?

To take a deeper dive into these questions, we are joined by Janet Smith Meeks, the author of “Gracious Leadership: Lead Like You’ve Never Led Before”. Janet has four decades of experience in the highly regulated healthcare and financial services industries. She has served in Executive roles for four nationally known healthcare systems including the $14+Billion Trinity Health, one of the nation’s largest faith-based, non-profit healthcare systems and the prestigious $5+ Billion Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Before entering the healthcare sector, she worked in the financial services industry for Bank of Mississippi (now BancorpSouth, Inc. – BXS on NYSE).

Serving for nine years as President of Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital, Janet led the turnaround of a struggling community hospital into an award-winning regional medical center that ranks among the top 5% of hospitals nationally. Through building a positive corporate culture while emphasizing accountability for results, Janet consistently led highly engaged teams to generate sustained value, profitability and customer satisfaction. Her stellar results were featured in Smart Business Magazine in August 2016.

This a really good conversation, certainly one you don’t want to miss ! Grab a cup of coffee and come be a part of the conversation “Inside The Doctor’s Lounge”!

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Physicians & Administrators : The Struggle Is Real